What does the Mission Adopt-A-Block do?

We recruit and encourage volunteers of all ages to take responsibility for the litter in their chosen block areas: residential, business or green space. We provide efficient tools for litter pick up, and give litter handling safety direction for those that commit to litter pick up.

As part of our community, we participate in community events by setting up our information booths, provide activities for the kids and help with event litter pick up management. We also organize annual community litter clean-ups, and target heavily littered areas.

We work with local groups and concerned citizens to develop solutions for the litter problem in Mission. We also provide School District #75 with an education program that teaches students about litter: problems and concerns, and how to foster social responsibility among student. We encourage students to be pro-active in their approach to achieving a cleaner and healthier environment!

*Want to be a volunteer? Or are you interested in adopting an area in your neighborhood or business district? To support our on-going anti-litter efforts, please call (604) 826-9423 or email us at missionadoptablock@gmail.com

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