Become A Volunteer

Volunteer. YOU can make a difference!

The Mission Adopt-A-Block would not exist without the dedication and perseverance of a good number of volunteers. It takes special people to commit to the difficult and not-so-pretty task of litter clean-up so that the rest of the community and the environment can benefit from a clean city, so every hand is greatly appreciated!

volunteers3A Call for Volunteers and Thoughtful Citizens

  • A clean and beautiful city depends on the pride of residents, businesses, property owners and youth.
  • A clean city also makes good business sense and results in a healthy economy.
  • A clean and beautiful cities attract highly skilled workers and investment, and enable us to live, work and play in well maintained, safe and pleasant surrounding.



At Mission Adopt-a-Block we offer a variety of ways to volunteer. From general adoptions to specific street/trail/park or creek adoptions we do our best to fit with the abilities and interests of all our volunteers.

How can you become a Volunteer?

To start, you need to decide if you would like to sign up as an individual, a family (kids love this program) or a group with your co-workers, community group or church. Next you will need to decide the area in which you would like to adopt, is it a street, park, trail or creek? Or would you like to be a general volunteer and pick an area from our “Monthly Hot Spots” list?


Once you fill out the Participant Application Form: Print or Online we will give you a call or send an email to arrange a time to meet at the office to register your adoption and to sign the Statement of Commitment & Release Agreement. We will set you up with the equipment you’ll need to get you started (litter picker, bag and vest), and after an important safety talk on litter handling you’ll be all set to go to contribute to the health and safety of the Mission community by joining in our anti-litter campaign.

General Adoption Volunteer: This type of adoption is for volunteers looking to assist with litter pickup but don’t have a specific area to adopt. These volunteers are given the equipment and training they need.

volunteers1Street/Park & Trail Adoption Volunteers: These volunteers are given an area 1km or more in length to clean-up at least 1-2 times per month. Signage is placed along the route to recognize their adoption and at the end of each month the volunteer is required to submit a cleanup report to help us keep track of how much litter is removed.

Creek Adoptions Volunteers: Due to the sensitivity of our waterways, creek adoptions require an additional level of training to ensure the health and well-being of our streams and creeks. Cleanups in the waterways only happen at specific times of the year when it is safest for the volunteers and the habitat living in the area. Those interested in a creek adoption can learn more about the guidelines here. If you would like to adopt a creek, contact the AAB co-ordinator for further details.

Are you interested in volunteering for the position of BOARD DIRECTOR with the Adopt-A-Block team?

Are you enthusiastic about volunteer time and community action? Are you dedicated to positive environmental awareness? Mission Adopt-A-Block invites Adopt-A-Block volunteers to consider the position of Board Director. The position is a volunteer position and would require the honest participation of a minimum of 2 hours a month to attend monthly board meetings and a possible 3-5 sporadic hours participation in community and other Adopt-A-Block managed events.

We are looking for individuals who share a positive environmental vision for Mission and dedicated to creating a healthier and positive community environment. We are looking for self-motivated individuals who share an interest in Adopt-A-Block’s on-going litter control campaign and who feel they can contribute to “Keeping Mission Litter Free”. Contact the co-ordinator for more details.

Annual General Meeting

agm2Each year the Adopt-a-Block AGM is held on the 2nd Wednesday of March. We invite all members of the public to join us for our annual meeting to learn more about our past years results and future years goals. We arrange special guest presentations to follow the meeting on various topics such as Environmental Education Opportunities, Community Partnership Opportunities and Much more. We have been fortunate to have special guests from the District of Mission, Centennial Place, Abbotsford Mission Recycling, Albert McMahon Gr 4/5 Class and the Gorilla Gardeners.

If you are interested in joining our board of directors or would like to learn more about what the Adopt-a-Block is all about, then join us at our next Annual General Meeting.