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Litter Control Program for Mission Businesses

As people live busier lives, work later and eat on the go more frequently, they also drop more litter. There has been an increase in all the types of litter on our streets, especially ‘food on the go’ or rather, ‘fast food’ items. Most people find fast food litter one of the most offensive types of litter and are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental problem it causes, as well as its depreciating aesthetic consequence.

signAs part of Mission Adopt-A-Block’s commitment to a cleaner, safer and greener community, the society has developed a Voluntary Code of Practices for businesses that sell ‘food on the go’, that suggests what they can do to help reduce the amount of fast food related litter in the community.

The Code is a list of recommendations, involving the four areas of participation; public education, reducing packaging, proper waste handling & litter management; that businesses may pledge to perform, in partnership with the Mission Adopt-A-Block Society, the District of Mission, and other interested partners to reduce and prevent litter, and improve the local environment.

The Code recognizes that businesses themselves do not drop the litter, but that they must take responsibility by playing their part in improving the local area and therefore, the Voluntary Code of Practices is designed to help businesses work together with other concerned parties to create local solutions for local problems.

cert2For more information about the Voluntary Code of Practices, download the Guidelines &
Information Package
and see how your business can make a difference in a cleaner environment for the benefit of all.

What can my business do?

  • Understand the litter around your business.
  • Provide public education on litter prevention & reduction.
  • Reduce waste from your business.
  • Manage waste properly.
  • Manage the litter around your business.

Shopping Cart Retrieval Program:

We believe that a healthy environment creates a healthy community. In recent times Mission has seen unprecedented growth resulting in an increased amount of litter in our streets, parks, trails, and streams. A particularly troublesome item are store shopping carts, which are seen on street corners, around local businesses, and all too often in our local waterways, acting as traps for litter and debris and causing substantial and damaging flooding.


In partnership with the Mission Adopt-A-Block Society and the District of Mission, local businesses are encouraged to commit to reduce and prevent litter, and improve the local environment. This includes the retention of shopping carts to prevent their introduction into the wider community.

Learn More about this program by downloading the Shopping Cart Retrieval Program document.

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