Education Programs

Mission Adopt-A-Block provides a free education program to the Mission school district. We believe that today’s children are tomorrow’s stewards of the earth and provide learning opportunities for children and youth to know how they too can contribute to a healthier, clean environment. The programs we offer are as follows:


School Litter Challenge

Mission’s Youth Environmental Stewardship Club

School Litter Audits


Love Where You Live


2013 – 1st Place Winners Billy & Macy Arnold showcase their winning entry – “FIRE CREEK.”

Love Where You Live is a new initiative by the Mission Adopt-A-Block Society which started out as a Photo Contest in October 2013. The goal of this program is to promote civic pride and environmental responsibility among Mission youth grades 7-12.

Young people are encouraged to express love for their local community by taking on an area that needs a little TLC. It’s as easy as cleaning up around a local park, removing debris from a stream, painting over graffiti, or any other ideas that youth may have that show their love for the community and local environment!

This program is run as a challenge among the 3 local middle/high schools. Individuals or groups from each school can sign up to participate. Each year in late October we will announce the layout for the contest, the prizes up for grabs and post the rules and application forms online. If you have any ideas of how you would like the “Love Where You Live” program to look for the year ahead please submit ideas by October 1st.

Love Where you Live program may include photo contests, video challenges, social media contests, special events and much more! The ideas are endless really but one goal remains… Showing LOVE where you LIVE!!  Submit your ideas today!

Learn More about our 2013/2014 WINNERS

2015/2016 Love Where You Live contest rules and how to participate are COMING SOON


youtubevidMission Adopt-A-Blocks Elementary Poster/Video Competitions

Mission Adopt-A-Block challenges the elementary and high schools of the Mission School District (#75) to participate in creating posters or videos that promotes an important environmental awareness message and empowers fellow community members to take positive environmental action.

*Details of yearly poster and video competitions can be found in News & Events or you can contact the co-ordinator.

Mission Adopt-A-Block Youth Volunteer Opportunities

masterchiefAdopt-A-Block invites Mission’s high school students to consider volunteering in litter clean-up activity to fill volunteer hours. Help keep Mission clean by committing to a litter clean-up in some of Mission’s most littered neighborhoods.

Group or individual clean-up events can be organized. Individuals can ‘adopt’ an area in their neighborhood and maintain the litter on a monthly basis during the school year and Mission Adopt-A-Block will provide the equipment needed to collect the litter. Or a group clean-up can be arranged through the Mission Adopt-A-Block Society, and we will provide staff to oversee the clean-up event, work with your group to pick routes and clean-up dates, provide equipment and direct students in proper and safe clean-up procedures before commencing on the clean-up project.

Mission Adopt-A-Block will be happy to provide youth volunteers with recognition of their litter control participation (reference letters, etc.). Mission Adopt-a-Block believes that those students involved in litter clean-up efforts will gain a sense of ownership in the community of Mission and gain a valuable lesson of social responsibility and environment awareness. It is our objective to encourage our youth to become caring stewards of the environment and enthusiastic and thoughtful members of Mission’s community!

Mission Adopt-A-Block Fundraiser Opportunities for Mission’s Schools

Mission Adopt-A-Block’s annual spring and fall litter clean-ups are an excellent fundraiser opportunity for schools to raise monies for special school projects or events, and contribute to the health of the environment and community at the same time. Schools (teams, clubs, PAC, etc.) can apply to participate in either the fall clean-up (which takes place in September and October) or the spring clean-up (which takes place in April and May). Groups selected to participate in our annual clean-ups are awarded up to $400.

Kids Song “Garbage Garbage No No No”

Check out What’s Current

Mission Adopt-A-Block’s education programs can change annually as new programs and contests are designed. For more information about current programs (contests, competitions or fundraisers) you can check out News & Events.