School Litter Audits

Mission Adopt-A-Block Litter Audits


Our litter audit program allows students to take an active role in being responsible for the cleanliness of their own school yard. Conducting a litter audit expands student knowledge about litter and its consequences on the environment.

The program consists of the following:

  • An in-class litter awareness question period and safety talk.
  • Schoolyard cleanup period (including the completion of an audit).
  • Categorizing collected waste into recycling, compost, and garbage.
  • Evaluation and discussion period following the clean up.

The total anticipated time to complete all the activities is about two hours, but can be modified to suit class time restrictions. We provide all the necessary clean-up implements, including safety vests for the students to wear (an essential safety measure when students are around traffic) as well as pickers and bags.

To book a litter audit, fill out our online form.