Post Litter Clean-Up Survey

Post Litter Clean-Up Survey

Your Email:
Clean-Up Date:
Clean-Up Area:
No. of Volunteers Participated:

1. Did you have enough volunteers to complete your route satisfactory?
2. Was your route:

3. What were the most frequently picked up litter items?

4. What was/were the most unusual item(s) that you found?

5. What kinds of litter did you find, that were a concern to you, and/or could be a concern to the community?

6. Were you confident in handling the litter? (with the instructions given and equipment provided, etc.) If not, please explain:

7. Did you find any litter items too large or heavy to be picked-up or moved to the roadside for pick-up?
Please give details:

8. Did you have a positive experience picking up litter in Mission?
Please Explain:

9. Would you or your organization be interested in becoming regular volunteer(s) and adopting an area to clean bi-weekly, monthly, or occasionally?
10. Would you participate in a large clean-up next year if it’s repeated?
11. Please give any suggestions that may help to improve Adopt-A-Block’s efforts in facilitating a group clean-up and any additional comments:

12. Anything else you’d like to add?