Reforming Rubbish


Looking for creative solutions to litter issues in your neigbourhood? Check out these innovative approaches to reducing rubbish right in our backyard and around the world to take action and spread awareness.

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Sunday Challenge | #ScenicBits

Grabbits Daily Challenge

Check out Grabbits website to look at garbage collected around the world. You also have the chance to take part in weekly challenges and contests.


Did you know that cigarettes are the most littered item in the world? Check out this article by Green Coast Rubbish to read about what Vancouver has done to reduce cigarette buds.



Microbeads have officially been declared toxic substances under the Environmental Protection act. These tiny plastic beads are found in facial cleaners, body washes and other common personal care products. Read this CBC article about how you can reduce the amount of microbeads that are released out into the environment.


Interested in how other countries control litter? Read this article on how Leith a Scottish advertising agency has created a tongue-in-cheek campaign to educate and change attitudes towards littering in public. The campaign features short films that will be made available through cinemas, tv as well as social media. The website also provides a section for individuals to share their own dirty little secrets which will be uploaded to the ‘Wall of Shame’.

Looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact? Read about how one company has substituted the use of plastic with biodegradable packages. The skin care company Ethique has also created water saving dry shampoos and conditioners.



Take a look at this article featured in the Huffington post, about how one artist uses four years of garbage to show the waste humans create. The article contains figures about how much garbage is produced by humans as well as photos taken by Antoine Repesse.

“We’re often told about the quantity of waste we produce, but I think the impact of pictures can be much powerful than words,” Antoine Repessé explains.

Take a look at this video to see how plastic can hurt wildlife and the environment.

Litter Control Campaign Links

Don’t Mess With Texas
Texas has a high profile “Anti-Littering Campaign” – including a high profile advertising campaign with celebrities such as Willie Nelson, George Strait, Randy White, and George Foreman, and many more. See their awesome litter control posters, litter studies and more.

No Butts About it – Litter Campaign
Three kids started a campaign to put an end to the amount of cigarette litter on the streets – see what they are doing to encourage others to “Butt Out”

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